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Sunday, July 12, 2009

the "Unoffical" Rock the Bells Promo CD

****Updated 7/30/09*****
Available August 8th 2009 FREE Cd and Download!

7/24/09 3:30
If I have not received the $30 fee by this Saturday July 25th, your song
make the mix CD, sorry

Name of mix - "Cali Co-op Vol.1" mixed by DJ Gabe Real
website on actual CD will be this site -

7/13/09 8pm
This is intended to be given out for free, even though some will try to sell it.
Please be aware most people will be giving them away, so it could make you
look bad by selling it. Do what you think is right. The choice is yours.
Please try to GIVE THEM AWAY.

other things to think about-
- Name of mix?
- Graphics - who is designing?

(original post below, read for rest of info)

Ok, a few of use on Twitter were talking about the scene being in a
bad state. So I decided to through out a idea of a mix CD that
we could promote(give out free) at "Rock The Bells" in Los Angeles.
Its really not in L.A., but its in the Inland Empire.

This mix is going to be funded by the people that are contributing
a song. So each song a person or group submits will be charged a fee.
The fee is between $20 to $30 per song. This fee depends on how many
people pitch in. The more people involved, the less each will have to pay.
If you pitch in more than one song, you pay more than once.

Right now its at $30 if 15 people pitch in. This is very cheap for what you
are getting. 1000 CDs given out for free with your song on it. Each artist
will be given a certain amount to give out. This will benefit all parties due
to the fact that everyone will be promoting everyone else. So you get more
exposure from different peoples habits and styles of promotion.

The main focus of this mix is to promote at "Rock the Bells". This is not a
"offical" or sanctioned mix for "Rock the Bells". Its more or less a gorilla type
promotion. We go there and pass them out to worthy Hip Hop heads.
This is a team effort. We all pitch in on cost, we all pitch in on the work.

I know some people won't be going to RTB, so we have to decide what
percent of CD's will be going to RTB for promotion. I will be there for this
promo. We will also try our hardest to get this CD back stage and in the hands
of the performers. The main goal is reaching the "Fans". Hip Hop needs more
fans, not performers.

We will also be blogging the crap out of this release. I have several blogs that
will be posting this mix. So the coverage should be good on this, we will reach
far beyond the targeting 1000 CDs. This is a very unique way of promoting on
a street level/gross roots type of deal. This is for us, by us.

We already have several people/groups submitting material. For now, we are
not excepting any new submissions. We already have the targeting amount of
songs. There will be some that fall out, and when that happens we will except
new submissions.

The targeted deadline to submit a song is Wednesday July 15th. This will give
me 1o days to complete the mix. We really need to try to meet this.
I would like to have time to listen and plan out a good mix.
The deadline to submit the CD for replication is July 24th.
RTB is August 8th.

IMPORTANT! People that submit songs MUST pay the fee! This will serious
handicap this project if you don't support. If you don't pay, you won't make the
CD. Myself, "DJ Gabe Real" will be taking the fee's. I am NOT profiting from
this! I am actually loosing money on this. If you don't trust me, don't even
bother with this project.

When I mean Mix CD, I mean a DJ mix of all the songs, not some dude
yelling over it or a bunch of rappers over Lil Wayne beats. Get familar
with my other mixes. Click here for mixes

Things we need to decide-
How many CDs will be given out at RTB?
Who is going to pass them out at RTB?
What blogs are going to cover it in digital download form?
Can we get a sponsor?

Please feel free to leave comments on this post.
I hope this helps the situation

Sorry if my writing style, grammar, or spelling is not on par
with the blogging world.
I'm a DJ, deal with it!

Sample of CD
Another sample


  1. well said, Mr. Real! I'll be submitting the completed joint, w/ vocals and the inst by the end of day Monday; just making some last minute mix changes. thanks for the effort!


    rhapvee aka Garfield.Adams

  2. Dope idea. Wish I heard of it sooner. Get at me if you ever trying to do something like this again. Jesk


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